Culvert Replacement Project Begins on HWY 105 in Raymond

Date October 4, 2010 at 8:50 am | Topic: Local News

RAYMOND, Wash. - Salmon and other fish soon will have any easier swim in Norris Slough under SR 105 to Willapa Bay. Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) begins work Thursday, Oct. 7 to replace a narrow culvert with a new bridge on SR 105 about 16 miles west of Raymond.


The project also will reduce erosion in the area. But traffic on SR 105 could get messy when construction begins. Crews will keep one lane of traffic moving at all times during construction by building a temporary detour road on the south side of the highway. WSDOT will maintain Traffic flow day and night with a temporary signal.


Daytime single-lane closures could cause travel delays of up to 20 minutes. Around-the-clock single-lane closures will begin later this year when crews will start building the new bridge, requiring traffic to follow a longer detour. This $2.9 million project is funded through state and federal highway improvement funds.

The existing culvert supporting SR 105 between Norris Slough and Willapa Bay is too narrow for the volume of water that typically flows through it. Ocean tides constantly undermine both the culvert and the embankment supporting SR 105, threatening its stability. It also blocks fish trying to swim to habitats upstream.


In addition to removing the culvert and replacing it with a new bridge, crews will pave SR 105 and upgrade guardrail in the area. The project is expected to be complete in fall 2011.


WSDOT asks drivers and commuters to check traffic conditions and try to avoid the project area during construction. For weekly traffic updates in the region, please visit:

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