Cosmopolis Mill to "Get Loud" Over The Weekend

Posted by David Haviland on January 28, 2011 at 10:30 am (999 social interactions)

COSMOPOLIS, Wash. - The Cosmopolis Mill will be blowing steam over the weekend.... Cosmopolis Mayor Vicky Raines tells us it's part of the restoration "We just want the public aware, this is not anything to be concerned about, it's a common thing."
Bob Buchan (Buck-an), VP of Marketing and Communications for Cosmo Specialty Fibers said that the noise has been likened to two F-18's, the noise was not uncommon when the mill was operational, but hasn't been heard in a few years. Buchan said they plan to blow steam twice on Saturday and Sunday - the blows could each be about 30 minutes in duration.

Bob Buchan wrote;


Cosmo has now fired up the boilers and we intend to “blow” the pipes in the power house this weekend if possible.  Our intention is to blow twice on Saturday and twice on Sunday.  The blows could each be about ½ hour in duration and about 2 hours apart on each day for a total of 4 blows on the weekend.
This is where we build up steam and then open a valve to blow all the small debris (rust, metal pieces, etc) out of the pipes to clean them.  If we don’t clean them properly, this debris can get into machinery such as the turbines and damage them.
The noise will be very loud – something like a few F-18’s cutting in afterburners.  The community has heard this noise before whenever the mill had to release built-up steam in a hurry because of machinery malfunctions.  This apparently happened a few times a year when the mill was running, but will not have been heard for a number of years now.
We’re issuing this advisory so that if elected officials, police or emergency services get public calls, an answer can be given that there is no problem.  It’s all part of the mill getting underway.
If something prevents steam pressure from building enough to complete the cleaning exercise, then it won’t happen and we will advise further.  There will be future “blows” for different areas of the mill as the mill restoration continues.  We will keep advising the community ahead of these events.

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