Hoquiam Police Investigate Westport Shipyard Theft

Posted by David Haviland on June 21, 2010 at 7:20 am (1316 social interactions)

HOQUIAM, Wash. - Hoquiam police are investigating a burglary that took place at the Westport Shipyard sometime between 4:30 pm on Thursday 6/17/10 and 7:30 am on Friday 6/18/10.

The unknown suspect(s) apparently entered the property by using a bolt type cutter to cut a hole in the chain link fence that surrounds the business nearest Ingram Street which is at the back of the business. Once inside the fence the suspect(s) cut the pad locks off and entered 7 large Conex type shipping containers that are used for the storage on property.

An initial report estimated that approximately 800 pounds of rubber coated copper wire was removed from several of the containers. Approximately 500 pounds of the wire was described as 10 gauge black coated copper wire.

Also taken from some of the other containers were a brass relief valve, some stainless steel deck plates (2 inscribed with the word “oil” and 4 with “diesel”). There were also a number of brass couplers and 6 items that are classified as brass nipples. All these items are used in the building of boats.

The suspect(s) apparently cut a larger hole in another section of the fence and used a wheel barrel, which they found on the property, to wheel the stolen items to a grassy area behind the facility on Ingram Street. It is apparent that it would have taken a vehicle to remove the stolen items from the area.

At the time of this release a dollar amount of the items that were stolen is not available. The shipyard employees are conducting an inventory in an attempt to determine if any other items are missing.

If anyone has any information regarding the burglary or the stolen property they are asked to call Hoquiam police investigators at 532-0892 Ext. 102 or the communications center at 533-8765.

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