Hoquiam Harbor Drug Burglary Targets Narcotics

Posted by David Haviland on December 30, 2009 at 11:46 am (967 social interactions)

HOQUIAM, Wash. - Tuesday December 29, 2009 just before 9AM, an employee arriving for work at Harbor Drug (300 block of Eighth Street) discovered the glass broken out of one of the doors to the parking lot off J Street. 


Officers responded to the scene and checked the interior for suspects. It was determined that the alarm in the building had in fact tripped due to the burglary, but that the suspect had been able to partially disable it. 


During the course of the investigation, Harbor Drug determined that the only items taken in the burglary were narcotics. It did not appear that any of the other medications were disturbed and there was no attempt to break into any of the registers or take any other items of value. Investigating officers believe that the suspect had a well formulated plan for the burglary and spent very little time inside. The time of entry was very narrow as the building had been last checked by a graveyard patrol officer at 0614 that morning.

Officers processed the scene for latent evidence and did recover an item apparently left by the suspect. Information regarding the burglary was forwarded to the Investigations Division for follow-up, as well as detectives in the Grays Harbor Drug Task Force. A summary of the case will also be referred to the federal Drug Enforcement Administration which tracks prescription diversion crimes across the region.


Although the method of entry was similar to a burglary at Chris’ Motorcycle Shop back in September, the suspect in that case is currently in custody. He was located last weekend and interviewed by Detective Sergeant Fretts. Some of the leather motorcycle jackets stolen in the burglary have been recovered and the suspect did provide a statement regarding the crime.


Persons with information regarding the burglary of Harbor Drug are asked to contact Detective Sergeant Steve Fretts at 360-532-0892 x 102 or Detective James Gaddis at x 109.

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